Outsourcing the payroll back office administration function to our specialist team will yield the prized benefit of releasing key staff time to front office income earning duties.

As a business grows so the opportunity for specialisation grows.  A common practice in big business is the outsourcing of payroll administration.  The reason for this is that payroll administration is indeed a specialisation!

The consequences of an error in payroll administration are often cited to be SARS related but few realize that the true cost lies in the blow to the moral of the person concerned.

Should small businesses outsource their payroll administration?

Why-outsource-payroll--The-Payroll-SpecialistClearly it is critical that all business needs to administer their payroll professionally.  In respect of small business it is likely that a small workforce is on the payroll. This being the case can one afford to have a payroll error with 50% of the staff?

Obviously not but it is more easily achieved where there are two staff members as opposed to there being 200!

Small businesses needs to focus on the core competencies that generate sales and on the provision of quality goods and services.

The Payroll Specialists can administer your payroll leaving you to focus on what will make your business a success.

The time taken for a non-specialist to get to grips with payroll administration is huge. This time might best be devoted to achieving the vision for the business.

Outsourcing payroll administration to us will:

  • Lower your costs and setup costs to:

    –  acquire the software

    –  be trained and updated on legislative changes

    –  enable payslip and IRP5 printing

     – produce forms such as the EMP 201’s etc.

  • Lower the deadline pressures and workload of key staff on non-key activities because:

    – There are matters such as payslip production, benefit accruals, new staff, terminations plus PAYE. UIF and other deductions.

    – It releases time to those normally responsible for debt collection, book-keeping, HR and key service delivery matters.

  • Improve morale as it will:

    – Remove the risk of non-compliance and penalties from SARS for errors, omissions and late payroll tax fillings.

    – Ensure that the latest taxation and labour legislation is complied with.

    – Enable staff to know that their pay is professionally managed and that payments will be processed on time, every time!

    – Give the staff comfort in the knowledge that payroll payments can be relied upon and that holiday and sick leave etc. related matters will not hold up payments so that stop order etc. arrangements that employees have will not be compromised.